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Radierung - ätzgrund

ROHRER & KLINGNER Leipzig-Co. - Grafische Spezialpräparate seit 1892

3.1 Etching Ground in Cap Form - black (29311)
This common etching ground consists of an easily meltable wax that is also solvable in spirits of turpentine. After being molten, the wax can be spread evenly over the plate with the help of a roll or a pad.
Etching Ground - black
3.2 Etching Ground in Cap Form - transparent (29310)
A light-coloured, transparent product for etching plates that already carry a sketch which is meant to remain visible under the etching ground. It is used like the black Etching Ground in Cap Form.
Etching Ground - transparent
3.3 Liquid Etching Ground (29300)
This solution can produce thin, resistant layers. To spread it evenly, you can use either the pour or plunge technique or a soft hair brush. The ground can be etched even after days, as its composition prevents the acid from etching through the surface. The liquid etching ground is eligible for other techniques like the aquatinta, too.
Liquid Etching Ground
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