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Lithography - Ink

ROHRER & KLINGNER Leipzig-Co. - Grafische Spezialpräparate seit 1892

Lithography - Ink
Lithography - Ink Lithography - Ink
Lithography - Ink
4.1 Liquid Lithographic Ink and Solid Lithographic Ink (29400)
are highly resistant against acids and can be used to draw on stone-, aluminium- and zinc-plates. Using a highly dispersed pigment that is ideal for the work with the quill, the ink is compounded of the well established ingredients shellac, wax and soap. While the liquid ink is suited for covering areas completely, the solid ink is excellent for halftones and transitions. Apart from the quill, other eligible drawing utensils are drawing- and reed-pens.
available in the following sizes:
100 ml, 250 ml, 1000 ml,
or in solid stick form.